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Custom Web Site Proposal Form:
Please note, all information will be kept in confidence. Fill this form out are thoroughly as possible. The more information you provide to us, the better we can help you.
Please review our privacy policy or write to us if you have any questions or concerns.

Background Information


Contact Person:

Mailing Address:

City, State and Zip Code:

Telephone Number(s):

Fax Number(s):


Current Web Presence (www.yourdomain.com):

Project Description:

New Web Presence

Redesign of Current Presence

New Feature for Existing Presence

  Desired Web Presence Features:
  Yes Maybe No Feature

Custom Logo


Database Development/Interface Design


Content Generation




Custom Graphics




Streaming video/audio


Hosting/data management


Custom programming/scripting


Third Party Maintenance


Traffic Logging and Analysis


Other (describe):

  What do you hope to achieve with your web presence?
  Yes Maybe No Goal

Increase Site Traffic (if adding new feature/service)


Attract Repeat Customers


Distribute Information to a Broad Audience


Generate Advertising Revenue


Reduce Sales/Support Costs


Easily manage/distribute database information


Other (describe):

  Target Audience. Please tell us who will use this site; more information is better:
  Initial development/upgrade budget. This is only to help us to match your needs with your budget goal. We bid both large and small projects.

Less than $1k


$1k - $5k


$5k - $10k


$10k - $20k


$20k - $40k


$40k - $80k


$80k - $160k


Greater than $160k

  Monthly Operating Costs. How much do you plan on budgeting (monthly) for site maintenance, hosting, database upkeep, and advertising?

Less than $25


$25 - $50


$50 - $100


$100 - $200


$200 - $400


$400 - $800


$800 - $1.6k


Greater than $1.6k

  Other Comments:
  Please tell us how you found RiderWeb:

Search engine


Link from other site


Newspaper ad


TV ad


E-mail/newsletter from RiderWeb


Tripped over it


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