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Web Hosting
When you host with RiderWeb you will have access to a fiber optic network, which connects to the Internet through 4 redundant DS-3 (45 Mbps) multi-homed connections (UUNET, GTE and Global Frontier). Each server operates with a customized version of Linux with the powerful Apache web server. This high-speed connectivity combined with exceptionally fast and reliable Dual Pentium III servers, guarantee fast access to your web site housed within our network, and 99.9% uptime 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

Each Domain Account Features:

  • 5 POP accounts with Basic Webmail Access!
    Manage all of your domain e-mail from one location! Anti-SPAM Filtering and Anti-Virus Filtering including an Enhanced Webmail Account are also available for an additional per month fee.
  • 250 Megabytes of storage
    This is usually more than enough storage, leaving extra room for storage and future expansion.
  • 2 Gigabytes of transfers/month
    This equals roughly 200,000 page views per month if an average page is 10k. In other words a lot of access.
  • FTP access
    Move data on and off your domain.
  • E-mail Redirects
    Channel your business e-mail to a local account at your ISP, so you can easily collect your mail at any mailbox.
  • Secure Server Access
    This feature allows you to offer an encrypted connection for credit card number collection or transfer of other sensitive data.
  • Access Usage Statistics
    Monitor graphical daily reports on the access to your web site and services! You will receive numerous statistics on the use and referrals to your site. Reporting is critical to the success of a web site and RiderWeb deploys leading software for its reporting services. The statistics and reports are generated nightly and include but are not limited to:
  1. Total Page Access- Find out which pages are most popular and how many visitors access your site.
  2. Referring Sites- Reports detail which sites are referring visitors to your site. This is an excellent report for defining which site's advertisement is bringing the most leads.
  3. Search Engines- Reports which search engines are sending the most leads to the your site and which search engines are not working at all.
  4. Query Words- Find out what search words people are using to find your site.
  5. Hourly, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Reports- Allows a user to find out if some days are more popular than others as well as whether or not your site is growing in popularity over time.

Daily Summaries
Click for more info.

Site activity that can be scanned
at a glance. Click for more info.

Cost: $25 per month plus $50 initial server set up fee. Sign up today!

Extra Features upon request:

E-commerce connectivity (from simple order forms to full featured shopping carts)
Cost: additional $10 to $50 per month for licensing of Merchant software

Additional Basic E-mail Accounts (beyond 5) are $5/month including a one-time $25 setup fee.

Anti-SPAM Filtering and Anti-Virus Filtering including an Enhanced Webmail Account ($4/month per E-mail Account for the first 5 accounts, $3/month per E-mail Account after 5)

Sub-Domain Hosting

This option allows you to start out on the web without the additional cost of a domain name. Your URL (web address) would be www.riderweb.com/yourbusinessname. Your site can be upgraded to your own unique domain name at any time.


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